Debbie Wijskamp’s Paperpulp Collection


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Inspired by different cultures, making their homes with materials found in their surroundings,
Wijskamp wanted to design her own building material. Experimenting with the re-usage of wastepaper resulted in a material with its own characteristic appearance and structure. Besides this, it is a very versatile material with many possible applications.

In contrast with the cabinets, the paperpulp vessels are fragile decoration objects.
The colour of the vessels depend on the amount of ink used in the recycled newspapers.


Robert J. Lang Origami


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Robert J. Lang is an origami artist who is now recognized as one of the world’s leading masters of art. He is noted for his intricate designs, detail and realism. He does most of his work on commission, both for commercial usage and for private collectors. Commissions include both works based on existing designs and original design commissions.

Read more on this amazingly talented artist here and have a look at more of his art.

Paper art by Rebecca J. Coles


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Rebecca J. Coles is a paper artist with a MA in constructed textiles. She focuses on a process of repetition, with pieces constructed with thousands of profiles. Each piece of paper is carefully selected and cut by hand. In this way the medium is recycled and an unimportant object is turned into an artwork. These artworks truly speak of the love she has for art.

Have a look at her website.




Marshall Alexander paper toys and paper projects


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Alexander Marshall is a graphic designer in the Netherlands. He creates paper toys and paper projects in his spare time or as commissioned work. His models are inspired by retro design, videogames, movies, bright plastic toys, TV cartoons and other elements of popular culture. There are also templates available to download on his website, so check it out!

Excerpt from bio in Papertoy Monsters

“I’m afraid of Quicksand, I like sandwiches with peanutbutter and honey. I think retro is the new future. I enjoy watching really bad movies. I use the word oldskool way too often, and I think zombies and robots are the best thing ever.”


Lauren Clay paper sculptures


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The unending amends we’ve made (imperishable wreath)


Both sides in equal parts


Schism Chasm Cataclysm


Totem for Grotto Heavens


Wake Up Dreary Dreamers, I Love You!

“Lauren Clay’s sculptures permeate the visual field like gamma radiation, unmistakably succulent in their Easter-egg hues. Drawing from references as varied as classical Greek symbols, a Southern Baptist upbringing, and Judy Chicago, her work is at once playful and deeply spiritual.”  Lynn Maliszewski
Have a look at her website.

Paper cut sculptures by Mia Pearlman


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Elusion, 2009. Monoprint, laser cut paper.

Caligo. 2009, Monoprint, Laser cut paper.

Umbra, 2009. Monoprint, Laser cut paper.

Reconcere, 2009. Monoprint, Laser cut paper.

STRATA is a series of three dimensional collages. The base is an embossed monoprint collaged with monoprinted laser cut paper (used as a resist in the monoprinting process), and laser cut bristol paper. The works have a complex and subtle range of light and shadow, produced by the monoprint, ghost prints, collage, light and and actual shadows produced by the three dimensional collage elements.

Mia Pearlman received her BFA from Cornell University in 1996 and has since exhibited internationally in numerous galleries, non-profit spaces and museums, including the Museum of Arts and Design (NY), the Montgomery Museum of Art (AL), the Centre for Recent Drawing (London), and Mixed Greens (NY). Upcoming shows include the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Morgan Lehman Gallery (NY) and the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian. Her work is featured in several books on the use of paper in contemporary art. Pearlman has participated in many residency programs, including Proyecto’Ace in Buenos Aires, the Lower East Side Printshop in NYC, and the Vermont Studio Center. She is a recipient of a 2008 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and a 2009 Established Artist Fellowship from UrbanGlass. Pearlman lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Have a look at more of her interesting sculptures here.